Johnny Depp tops best actor poll for 7th year in Japan

Moviegoers in Japan can't get enough of Johnny Depp: The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star has been named favorite actor for a record seventh straight year in a survey by Japanese film magazine Screen.That topped the previous record of six consecutive years for Audrey Hepburn in the early 1960s .
I think Johnny Deep desrved that award. First, he is the sexiest man alive in the world, he has the king of cool with the killer cheekbones. Second, He's sort of everything, he's a respected artist and actor. He can ply every role. Third, his movie are very populor in the world and always be the top of the box office. I like him evey much. Keep going, Johnny.

China Writes Off Most Iraqi Debt

Iraq says China has agreed to cancel 80-percent of the debt Baghdad owes Beijing.The Iraqi finance ministry says Iraq owes China $8.5 billion. It says the debt agreement was reached after talks between top Iraqi and Chinese officials.
I think it’s a win win situation. First, it good for Iraq to develop their country. Second, in the long run, it can enhance the China’s influence in Irap. Because, Iraq is a major oil-producing country, it’s good for China’s oil import. Third, it’s good for China’s companies and products to enter the Iraq’s market. It’s good for both countries.

Haiti Charity Single

Singers and bands from around the world have been gathering in London to record a charity single in aid of the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster. Artists like Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams and Susan Boyle have donated their time and talent in order to record this song.
I like this song. First, it is a beautiful song for the victims. Second, It’s a good way for music star to dp a charity single, it can transfer the power to the people in Haiti. Third, it can encourage us to doing our bit for the Haitian victims.
Let’s try our best to help Haiti to rebuild their country.

Billboard promoting Expo appears at Time Square

A giant billboard promoting the tourism in China and the Shanghai Expo appears at the Time Square in New York City this week. The billboard will catch the eyes of millions of Americans and foreign tourists thronging the Time Square over the next three months.
First, I think it’s a good way to attract more foreign people to visit the Shanghai World Expo. Second, it can help Expo to increase tourism promotion efforts. Time Square is the best advertising place. Last, it also can further expand China Overseas visitors Resources.
More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have regeistered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo. It will be held in May 1 to October 31.
Welcome to Shanghai.


Obama visit China

I remember my teacher say “read news in different country or different point of view will be more fun” I got news from Chinese opinion about Obama visit China.
Obama's aides were particularly disappointed that China rebuffed their request to allow his Town Hall meeting with students in Shanghai to be broadcast live on national TV. (It ended up playing on Shanghai TV, and Xinhua published a live transcript). Beijing media insiders offer a variety of explanations for this outcome.

Chinese officials didn't feel inclined to give Obama an easy platform to shine;

They didn't want Obama to appear more open and accessible than Chinese leaders

-They didn't want to encourage 'Obamania'

Nobody does Town Halls in China. Why make such a public concession to the Americans

Who knows what Obama might say on live TV?

Singapore Moves To Curtail Immigration

The rich Southeast Asian city-state has for years admitted large numbers of foreign workers to boost its population and to stay competitive with China and other countries with deeper pools of cheap labor. But Singaporean citizens are increasingly dissatisfied with the policy. There are two reasons. First, causes overcrowding and depresses local wages. Second, economists believe an over-reliance on foreign workers also is keeping productivity levels down, jeopardizing Singapore's future growth. But the situation is between 2005 and 2009, Singapore's population surged by roughly 150,000 people a year to five million -- among their fastest rates ever -- with 75% or more of the increase due to foreigners. In short, I want use a china old sentences which is “things which have reached their extremes turn into their opposites; a thing turns into its opposite if pushed too far.”



In recent weeks, the relationship between China and American become strained. Because of three events, to begin with Washington's $6.4 billion announced arms sales to Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of its territory, and President Barrack Obama's planned Thursday meeting with Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama Obvious, The United States supports a war between the mainland and Taiwan. a cyber attack on Google Inc. widely seen as originating in China. Last reason is the two sides have also disagreed over whether to sanction Iran over its nuclear program